Why Not? The Start of My Rick & Morty Episode

green and white water droplets

This isn’t very long and if you think you can finish the episode for yourself then go ahead and take it. I still need to work on it, but I’m working on some other stuff right now.

Still Not Found

Still remember trying to make some sort of allegory for relations between men and women with this back in 2016. I don’t really know about it anymore. You know the feeling, especially about film school work.


Second short film I wrote and helped direct at film school. I think it was okay.

Ab Imo Pectore, Amor

First thing I ever wrote and directed in film school years ago. My huge memory is saying “in the throws of passion” by accident in the script and I still can’t remember the right use of throws at the moment.

Someone’s Got to Make That Authority Movie!

50% of all donations to the blog will go to the Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance. If you don’t know what Authority is it is the second book in the Southern Reach trilogy. If you don’t know it is a fantastic book. In my opinion that is. Someone needs to find a way to adapt


I don’t remember why I named this Anima. Shared it with some gas station clerk in Nebraska one time if he wanted it. He never got back to me so I don’t know if this has been made already or not by somebody. I assume it hasn’t. Anyway, here it is if anybody wants to