The Ones That Really Mattered… A Tale of Suicide and Hope

“May [this] be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” galadriel, the lord of the rings Suicide and hope… Two words in our culture representing opposite sides of the spectrum. The idea of someone dying by their own hands for many people means that the person must have lost

Pixar Movies, Tears, and the Special Thing About Reaction Videos

I’m schizoaffective bipolar type and I like to cry. “Woah there buddy, I just started reading your article. Don’t you think that is a bit of an overshare” you say. Okay, maybe you didn’t say that to yourself. You may in fact think I’m being presumptuous. Yet, what did you think when reading that first

The Schizo Affect… A Title

So I just rolled out of bed a second ago trying to think of the next thing that I would blog about when I remembered a small little detail I remember reading about schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. One of the two, at least in my mind. You see one of the weirder symptoms I have

A Non-Believer Believer

I said in a previous post that I grew up in a Christian family. So the process of my leaving the faith was, well, hard. What is also true given my mental illness and the way it came about is that I am still quite scared that god may be real. Which, logically, to me,

The Gist of Me

I’m an amalgamation. Simple right. I mean it’s not simple being an amalgamation of so many different things, but you get the gist. So what is my make up? I mean you know one part already if you’re here reading this blog post. But where to start? I could tell you I hail from the