Sometimes It Can Be Tough

Boy we’ve had a week haven’t we folks. Somehow some way our Cornhuskers pulled another defeat out of the jaws of victory and we were excited after it. Normally we, or at least I, would be pessimistic about all of this. Yet, the Nebraska Cornhusker football team still has a chance at some interesting things

Nebraska vs. MSU… I’ve Got A Feeling, Oooooh

How many of you hate that song? Because I do. But… You gotta admit it is catchy. Why do I bring it up? Well, because I’ve got a feeling… Ooooooohhhh That September 25th, 2021 at 7 p.m. Nebraska’s ascent up the rankings in college football this year will begin. Yes, we did just lose a

A Begrudging Fan of the GOAT

There once was a budding football fan at the age of eight during the Super Bowl of 2001 (man, he’s getting old). His only real experience with watching football before that was the crappy Super Bowl of 2000, cheering because his parents were cheering during the 1994 Nebraska Cornhusker National Championship, and rooting for the

Why I Am A Nebraska Cornhusker Fan For Life

Nebraska Cornhuskers

I’m a Nebraska boy born and raised. Well, I’m 29 years old now. A man. Or, a man-child. Whatever you want to call me you can, but I live in Bloomington, Illinois. I moved here from Windsor, Colorado. I’ve now lived in Bloomington for something like 14 years. Yet… I hail from the great state