Death, Judgment Day, and God, Just a Little Bit of A Big Idea

So I don’t believe in god really. I’m agnostic. Yet I tend to have some fears about if god is real because I grew up in a, still, Christian family and a couple other things that I’ll get into later. Right now I just want to get an idea out of my head that I

Nature Pt. 1… Just a Thought

So this isn’t anything I’ve done research on. This should be short and sweet. Just an idea of mine. So… Nature? Or, Natural. What I mean is what is natural? In my opinion everything in the universe is natural. I think I know what people mean when they say something is natural or unnatural. Technically

The Gist of Me

I’m an amalgamation. Simple right. I mean it’s not simple being an amalgamation of so many different things, but you get the gist. So what is my make up? I mean you know one part already if you’re here reading this blog post. But where to start? I could tell you I hail from the