The Banality of Mediocrity… Is Hope for Husker Football Dead?

“Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a [fan] insane.”

Josh Allen & Buffalo Bills Losing

No matter your rooting interest in the NFL as long as you watch the sport it seems we all witnessed the Greatest Divisional Round Ever this past weekend. Every single game came down to the last minute. Also, each game included a heartbreaking loss. I think we can all agree about one thing though…

We’re all glad we are not Buffalo Bills fans.

As someone that only ever really watches the NFL during the playoffs nowadays (I’ve never had a team I really rooted for) I was enticed at the prospect of the Bills going to the Super Bowl. At the same time I knew their history like everybody else. Who hasn’t seen the 30 for 30 on Buffalo’s four straight Super Bowl losses?

“I haven’t.”

“That’s enough out of you Steve. I’m tired of setting up ESPN + for you.”

While I would hate to be a Browns fan, Lions fan, Jets, Jaguars, God forbid a Cowboys fan, I can’t imagine dealing with the pain of being a Buffalo Bills fan. To deal with the heartbreak of getting so close so many times and never being able to win the big one seems like, well… a curse. A debilitating task to deal with such moments through out someone’s life.

Thus you could almost say that being a fan of Nebraska isn’t such a horrible curse like it would be as a fan of the Bills. The idea of such pain. To be brought into existence, live, love, pay taxes, die, and all the while have the added heartbreak of actually believing greatness is possible, only to never achieve it. I say…

Screw what I’ve said so far.

Look at Georgia. ‘Bama when Saban first came to their program and won them their first in over a decade. All the programs who never had won before. Hell, just Sunday Tom F*%^ing Brady had the last minute drive he always does yet lost. The Rams and a QB (Stafford) who played for the mediocre Lions and could never win anything beat Brady.

The tide is turning. At the least it could. As the immortal Kevin Garnett once said…


Kevin Garnett

As a fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As someone nearing their 30’s and cannot remember what it is like for Nebraska to win a championship. Being a person who loves to root for the underdog. The perennial loser. The Browns sometimes. As a fan of sport. The greatest feeling ever seems like it has to be the win that comes when all is nigh, when it seems all hope is lost.

Ladies… Gentlemen… How do you describe the 2021 Cornhusker football season as anything other than the season we couldn’t take anymore? The season of heartbreaking loses. Seemingly the season all hope was lost.

We’ve done it. We hit rock bottom. Where else do we possibly go but up.

All we’ve got to do is crawl through 500 yards of s*&t. We’ll get clean on the other side. Us and our tiny bar of prison soap. You know why?

Before this piece of writing is completely read by you understand some of what I may be right or wrong about here:

I could be right or I could be wrong if you check out my FB page (by the way I’m schizoaffective) and try and accept I may be right or wrong on what I’m posting there then I can do nothing but say…

“I hope” Scott. I hope.


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