Just a Little Fun

Just figured I’d share some of the reels I’ve made on Facebook to allow people to see them in one place besides my Facebook profile.

Plus, I mean, of course I want to promote my reels, TikTok videos and The Schizo Affect Facebook page I have.

You should check out the pages and give them a follow. I promise you won’t be disappointed and you’ll find yourself laughing a lot.

Here’s my page for The Schizo Affect:

The Schizo Affect

My main Facebook profile:

Alex Martin

My TikTok profile:


Having said all that, here are some videos (all of which are on both pages).

Harry Potter
Phone Down
The Hobbit
Is This a Kissing Book
My Axe
Landlords (Just Like Sauron)
Introvert Problems
Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls, Jack
Worst Axe Bodyspray Ad Ever
Micah You Fool! (RDR2)

Now that’s a lot of videos so you can just stay on this page, but I implore you to go check out the feeds of mine on TikTok and Facebook. I’m sure you’ll get some laughs out of it (even if that means that I’m terrible at making viral content).

Follow me and, of course, I’ll follow you. Just comment below to let me know. If you so dare…

Lol, just kidding (although follow anyway)…

Pwetty Pwease

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