Day Dreamer

Day dreaming, thinking, his head in the clouds,

The man has visions very vivid and loud

He wanders around in the depths of his mind

Refraining from thoughts of all the real world.

Here in his head he controls his own path,

Here he is king on a large plot of land,

But he cannot stay here in his imaginary land,

He has to return from his dream in the clouds

He has to return to the long beaten path.

Suddenly a thud comes sounding quite loud,

Bringing him back to the dreary real world

“My book must’ve fallen,” he’s deduced in his mind,

He hopes no one in the library will mind

He looks toward the only place the book could possibly land

On the floor lays his copy of Brave New World,

Picked up and blown on it creates small clouds

Of dust, the librarian soon comes saying not to be loud,

Then she is off, walking the path.

To her desk, in her wake shoeprints leave a small path.

Now his work should be back on his mind,

But his drifting thoughts seem to yell loud

In his brain to go back to his land,

His kingdom without refrain, his place in the clouds

Where he can escape to an imaginary world,

Here he could stay, cut off from the world

He could create and imagine following his own path,

He could look in the sky at the vast different clouds

This is where he could linger in the recess of his mind

Making and changing his own enormous land

Creating his own friends, whether quiet or loud,

But he can’t stay here and simply be loud

In his head, he must bring his thoughts to the world,

He must make them be known, he must bring his land

To the public for others to roam. A path

They can follow to the depths of their mind

Where they too can leave their heads in the clouds

So they too can make their land into a beautiful path

A large and loud cycle bringing others to the depth of their mind

So all in the world can create from their dreams in the clouds.

Just some more poetry…


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