Regretful Reflection

Past thoughts re-emerge all the time in my brain

Would doing this or that have changed many a thing?

Lamenting decisions made long ago in the past

Mind tossing and turning when handing down blame.

“If I had worked harder, if I had just tried

I could have been good at the sports I had played.”

“But you’ve always been lazy, relying on talent

Why work if your good enough to get by?”

“Because I have talent does not mean I can skate,

I still must try, and work hard, to succeed.

Without such work ethic natural ability’s moot

Talent can wane and die like leaves on a tree.”

“But you aren’t worried ’bout playing sports anymore,

Isn’t your passion in writing today?”

“You mean that thing that in high school I did little of,

The minimal amount which would let me get by.

As with sports, I lazily wasted talents I knew I had,

In fact all school work done with almost no thought in mind.”

“Well screw all the things you did not do in school,

Remember all the people you loved?”

“I had friends who were nice, yes that is true,

But not all were that way some stabbed my back too.

My family, they cared, something they always will do

But when you say ‘ones I loved’ only one comes to mind,

And she still does not know the love held in my heart.

Feelings withheld for fear of no reciprocation

Even if they were obvious for both her and I to see

We never let on that we knew what should be.”

“Well now you’re depressing me, just stop and listen to me.

I understand we were lazy abusing our own gifts,

I know we quit sports and school was next on the list.

I know we had friends not best fit for us,

And I know we should have let her know how we felt.

But all that is over, it is already through

Sitting and sulking will not help us become a better you

We are working on things that we can in our life

We are finally beginning to put up a fight

It is time that we finally close that old door,

Turn and open the new one to a bright future for you.”

Oh, and while I’m here might as well show myself trying to rap:


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