Cornhusker Hope In ‘Our Great’ Depression

Cornhusker Hope In ‘Our Great’ Depression

As a Nebraska Cornhusker football fan the season of 2021-22 has been, well…

You know how it has been if you’re a Husker fan, but…

It’s been fucking rough.

I don’t know about you, but in my own case I tend to get extremely excited every year as the football season starts to come around. Hell, by the time spring practice is up and the spring game has been played I’m already a bit too obsessed. Of course, in my own opinion, that is really only due to the nature of what has happened each season since about 2015 for us fans of Nebraska.

Each year towards the end of spring practices I tend to start listening to podcasts about how the Huskers look that year. Soon I’m obsessed with that. Each consecutive week waiting impatiently for the next podcast to come out for me to listen to and begin spouting off about to my family. Each year I am, to put it mildly, hopeful for the forthcoming season.

Which has made this year all the more tough. You see I finally got around to starting to write and I wrote an article about my Husker fandom which you can find here:

I think it’s pretty good. In fact I have gotten a lot of the views my blog has received from very kind Husker fans who tell me the article is quite good. For the most part.

The article wouldn’t be much of an issue if it weren’t for the fact it kind of got me even more hyped for this season. You see I am finally getting around to the aspects of my own life that hopefully will bear fruit in the coming weeks, months, and years as I blossom into a better writer, and, hopefully…

One who is successful in the writing industry.

I had kind of seen this years team as one that would do similar things. Showing the world what a lot of us as Husker fans have either known, believed could be there, or just hoped would come around some day. The success and fight of yesteryear that our state takes pride in showing through our football team and the way in which we show our support for them.

Which makes this year all the more disappointing for me personally.

Now for many of you that may sound like I am simply reacting to the losses. The fact we have not shown a successful transition of what we have hoped and believed could come from this roster of Husker players in the form of success on the football field. Wins, not losses.

No, that may be disappointing, but I can’t possibly sit here as I write and say anything but the truth. The fact that the real dispiriting reality of this season is, in my opinion if you are paying close enough attention, the fact we are so close. So near showing what this state and it’s people are all about through seeing the success we want to see on the football field.

Because we sure as hell seem to show fight. I honestly don’t know how some of our fans seemingly aren’t proud of what our team has played like this year. Especially our defense.

We have played four top ten teams this year and never has our defense dissapointed me in how they have played in any of those games. Our offense is a bit of a different story, but even the offense you can still see the potential there.

I know. I know. This all is quite a bit depressing because even showing the fight that we have as a football team we have yet under coach Scott Frost to have a winning record. And, before any of that, we have constantly had huge issues winning “the big one.”

So why am I even writing this…

Because, people, I still have hope. Call me delusional. Call me whatever you want to. I still believe there is hope to be found in this squad of talented young men. Still there is hope to be found in this depressing slog of a season wins wise.

Each year I get obsessed and excited with what may be possible with the Nebraska Cornhusker football team. Maybe I was too excited this year, but…

Every single year you know what I say to my sister?

It has been a joke between us since the 2016 season.

Every year the season starts and I start saying “Miracle Season.”

Every. Single. Year.

I said it this year. Said it before the season started. Also said it after the first loss to Illinois. I may have lost hope in the CFP after the loss to Oklahoma, but man was I even more confident at that point it could be a good ride we had this year.

Now when I say “Miracle Season” what do you think of?

Personally I think of a season like Auburn’s in 2013-14. One of those years where you have those incredible, amazing, improbable wins where you just can’t believe the team is still in the race for so long. Then… suddenly it becomes a question. Is this a team of destiny?

You know what I’ve realized this year?

Even though I’ve always been interested in seeing a “Miracle Season” for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Something like what my parents say 1994 was. I don’t think that is the way this is going to go.

I believe we have something way different in store for us fans of Nebraska.

Something that may be even more fun.

I’m 90% certain that once we get that big win, well…

It’ll be off to the races from that moment on.

This team, our Nebraska Cornhuskers, when they get their first win against a big opponent are going to go on a run. A run of beating the everloving shit out of people.


Boy is it gonna be fun.

So sit back, wait till next Saturday, and let’s see if we get that win against Wisconsin. Or Iowa (Lord please let us beat the ever loving snot out if Iowa) the Saturday after that.

Because next year is going to be one hell of a ride.


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