Billy Bob Thornton, Husker Football, and Perfection… How This Hellish Season Could Lead To Something Amazing

When I first heard the news about Adrian Martinez’ injury come out I couldn’t help but feel, well… Helpless. Having watched this team play all season no matter what you may think of Adrian I do believe you have to admit that he is the heart and soul of the team (with the defense hot

Regretful Reflection

Past thoughts re-emerge all the time in my brain Would doing this or that have changed many a thing? Lamenting decisions made long ago in the past Mind tossing and turning when handing down blame. “If I had worked harder, if I had just tried I could have been good at the sports I had


Can you even remember the first movie that ever made you cry? The question came up in my mind recently and, funny enough, I can’t remember what film actually got me to cry first. No, for some reason it’s more complex and weird than that (because, well, it’s me). I cannot remember what the first

Cornhusker Hope In ‘Our Great’ Depression

As a Nebraska Cornhusker football fan the season of 2021-22 has been, well… You know how it has been if you’re a Husker fan, but… It’s been fucking rough. I don’t know about you, but in my own case I tend to get extremely excited every year as the football season starts to come around.

Cheese Toddler

sliced cheese on brown table top

This is simply my short screenplay based off of a blog post of the same name about an interesting story from my past. You can read the post first if you want right here: I believe it to be really good (both the blog post and short script) so I figured I could let people