Sometimes It Can Be Tough

Short but sweet this time folks.

Boy we’ve had a week haven’t we folks.

Somehow some way our Cornhuskers pulled another defeat out of the jaws of victory and we were excited after it. Normally we, or at least I, would be pessimistic about all of this. Yet, the Nebraska Cornhusker football team still has a chance at some interesting things this year.

At least it seems. The way Nebraska played against the Sooners was valiant. The defense showed what it is capable of. (In fact this may be the best Nebraska’s defense has been since the 09’ – 10’ range). The offensive unit had their mistakes, but the potential can be seen. But…

Then there was the rough part. Michigan State. Boy that was such a tough loss. In fact it has taken me a while to write this because of how heartbroken I’ve been. Right up until the very end of the game I just felt like it was meant to be. That it was our time.

The signs were all there. We had all the dumb penalties. Plenty of times when we could have produced more than we did, yet I just had to believe. And…

To be dead honest.

I still have to.

MSU is a good football team. Now they have an offense to go with a punishing defense. And that defense may live up to their ex coaches namesake. This was not a game to be taken lightly even if MSU was one of the only teams in the B1G that we’ve had good performances against.

Yet I did.

All that and we had to mourn Sam Foltz’s passing once again. I don’t know whether to say I can’t wait for next week, that I don’t even want to watch next week, or whether I just want to sit and cry on my couch.

Oh… Damn it Northwestern!


The fact of the matter is that at the least I took MSU lightly. I mean I didn’t completely believe it would be a blow out. I just really hoped for one.

I really do believe this is the year the turn around starts coming to fruition a bit. Do I believe it will begin against Northwestern. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I have to hope it will.

That after this coming weekend we, as in the Nebraska Cornhuskers, will be well on our way to 9-3 or 8-4.

Something that will make us Cornhuskers fans proud.

Until then…


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