Eureka! Proof There Is Still Hope On The Internet

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I’m a bit nervous.

Hell, I think you should be too.

“Why?” You might ask.

Well because of what I am about to put into the internet’s hands. You know the internet just as well as I do. It can be a hellish landscape to traverse. And, pretty soon, you, me, and everybody’s mom is about to find out what I have noticed. I have no idea what that means.

Yes. The title of the article is true. I have found hope on the internet. Right now it’s just embers left smoldering underneath the log, but it’s there.

You right now.

I understand. Really, I do. I can get why you would sit there from your perch trying to shout down my murmured words. If it weren’t for the fact I saw the hope with my own eyes I would be right there with you.

So what is it?


Funny story. Finding what proves there is still hope on the internet isn’t nearly as hard as you would think it is. Some of you are probably scoffing because there are tons and tons of gifs, tik tok videos, youtube videos, etc. of cats and dogs that are easy to find. Yet…

There are also sites dedicated to furries.

Rule 34 of the internet is a thing and it can get pretty weird.

No, what I’m talking about is technically an intangible oddity. There’s a video that shows where something would’ve come from, yet never did. And you most definitely would think that the internet in all it’s fucked up self importance would take hold of it and run into the ground.

The moment came and passed like…



Okay, I’ve gone on long enough.


Do you get it?

I’ll explain here in just a second, but just think about it.

Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

Okay, did you figure it out?

There is no such meme!

Go ahead and search through the internet. I dare you. Double dare you. I promise you aren’t going to find a crying Jordan meme made out of him crying while giving his eulogy for Kobe Bryant. In fact if you find a meme of Jordan crying using that crying Jordan I will run down the main street of my city naked on video.



  hours  minutes  seconds


I Will Run Down Main St. Naked

Yes, internet. I am that serious.

But ignore that for one moment.

Think about how amazing it is that the internet still hasn’t used that image of Jordan crying as a joke. The odds seem impossible. We all laughed at the meta joke for a bit, but we left it alone. And… in so many ways I want to know, why?

The most legendary figure in all of sport gave us the opportunity and not a single person took it.

And it can’t be our respect for Jordan. This exists…

Now What?

Well we could just go on with our lives understanding the internet has the capability to do the right thing. That once in a blue moon we show what we are capable of as human beings as a whole. (You beautiful bunch you).

Or, we could ruin it. Take the road we always travel on the internet through the hellish landscape Rick Sanchez wouldn’t take Morty down. Make the meme. Lose hope all together.


Is there is another way?

Am I too bold in thinking…

What if we were to take the time to make the right meme? The one that matters most of all. Something you only see on rare occasions. The meme of all memes.

The one you bring out of your bag of tricks when you need to cheer up someone in mourning. when someone is depressed. Dare I say when someone is crying.


It could never happen.

The internet could never be so…


Any meme used to get me to run naked down Main St. must have the timestamp showing it was created before today Sept. 22, 2021.


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