Nebraska vs. MSU… I’ve Got A Feeling, Oooooh

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How many of you hate that song?

Because I do. But…

You gotta admit it is catchy.

Why do I bring it up?

Well, because I’ve got a feeling…


That September 25th, 2021 at 7 p.m. Nebraska’s ascent up the rankings in college football this year will begin.

Yes, we did just lose a game, but we all know how that felt. Yes it sucked that we lost, but we barely lost to Oklahoma. The 3rd ranked team in the country. And…

Up this week we have the 20th ranked Spartans.

We are playing in East Lansing I know. But how hard has it really been playing in East Lansing? Ever?

Maybe you feel down because we lost our second game of the year this past Saturday. Maybe you think “MSU is a pretty good football team.” Yet so are we. I promise.

I don’t care what you say us Cornhusker fans have something to finally root for.

As long as we cut down on the penalties as an offensive unit there is a chance we beat MSU by more than a touchdown or so. That may be a long shot to you because MSU has shown some spunk on offense and they still have, at the least, something of a good defense. But, Nebraska is on the rise I’m telling you.

We have the defense in place this year to keep teams in check. We just need to see the offense play a clean game and…


Make a few plays.

Which we are completely capable of doing.

Go back and watch the tape against OU and I think you will see that we have the capabilities to play some really good offensive football this coming Saturday.

Yes, we could shoot ourselves in the foot again.

Yes, we are not what we could be yet.

Yes, MSU seems to be a pretty good football team at the least, but…

This is the time Nebraska starts their run. Saturday is going to be a good night.

Just you wait and see, Kanye.

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