Same Ol’ Huskers… Kind Of

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Well, when it comes right down to it the Huskers were the same old huskers.

It’s sad to say.

Personally I was hoping for something so much greater. Hell, I even wrote something here on this site about the idea that 50 years after the Greatest Game of The Century we would begin our new era.


That may be true, oddly.

You see, we played so well against Oklahoma in so many respects.

There was the defense, which played amazing. There was the offense, being more in control of things most of the time. The problem of course being that that was most of the time. Not the whole damn game.

We had those horrible mistakes early on with penalties. They didn’t exactly stop after they began either. Yes there was the one bs call against Jurgen’s but… as my sister likes to say “the fact we know his name is not a good sign.”

I’m so angry. I mean unreasonably so.

I thought we would pull it all together.

In the end we put together a shit drive to finish off a game we lost. Understand that. We lost, Oklahoma did not win that game.

I’m mad that Ramir Johnson didn’t pitch the ball back to Adrian or somebody else on that final play, but that doesn’t matter. The way we lost that game was all in the penalty game and the field position game as well.

Should I be mad about these mistakes?

Honestly, I have no clue. But… it is a sign of what we are as a team.

We are capable of beating the #3 team in the nation if we play to our abilities and play smart. Yet, we never seem to. There inside of each game we lose seems to be some mistake we make as a team that brings about our demise. Yet…

None of this is the story of the game to me, not really. The story of the game is that we, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, showed who we could be.

Is it going to take a lot of work, of course. Yet we did show what we are capable of. Especially on defense.

Nebraska’s D may be nowhere near as good as that one we had in 2009, or of course any earlier, but it is good. Good enough to hold one of the best offenses and offensive coordinators in college football to 23 points. Two of those coming from a blocked PAT.

Offensively we looked much more in control of what was going to happen in the game as long as we weren’t shooting ourselves in the foot.

So I still have hope. So should you.

There is not a single place like Nebraska. And, when we finally prove our worth in a game like this, it is going to be a wonderful day.

I may fix this up a little later on when I’ve stopped the drinking I started at the beginning of the game.


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One Reply to “Same Ol’ Huskers… Kind Of”

  1. Thanks Alex, sorry they didn’t win, but at least there’s hope and hope is one of life’s essentials,) love you bro , Go Big Red!

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