Why I Obsess Over Game of Thrones Reaction Videos

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I have already written about the reaction videos you can see on YouTube. If you would like to read about that you can find it right here:

And… what I said about reaction videos in that blog article is true.

There is something special about reaction videos.

Yet there is one type of reaction video that holds more weight than others. Reaction videos to a certain, bloody and sad, TV show. You saw it in the title.

If you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones then you’ve probably seen a reaction video to one of the more famous episodes of the show. There is The Red Wedding, The Mountain and The Viper, Mother’s Mercy, Winds of Winter, etc.

I could sit here and tell you that the same thing that I wrote about reaction video’s in the Pixar article is true. I could go on about how we want to see people feel the emotions we felt while watching the same things we watched. Yet what is more interesting to me is why I personally became obsessed with watching Game of Thrones reaction videos.

You see, for me, and as I expect for many that came to Game of Thrones late, I already knew many of the “spoilers” in the show. Hell, I knew knew enough that I probably could have sate down and watched season 7 with my sister and her boyfriend at the time it aired. So…

The day my mom decided to ask me if I would watch the show with her I had my reservations about watching it. But, my mom was persistent. Then one day my mom came home with the first season on blu-ray.

Soon enough both my mom and I were fans. We were, most definitely, hooked. But I knew what was coming very late in that season of television. Actually, I was starting to get really excited to see what my mothers reaction to it would be.

So began me and my mothers relationship with game of thrones. If you know what happened that first season, then, of course, you know my moms reaction. It wasn’t pretty.

For the rest of the series, well most of it, I would hint and tease my mom with tiny details that almost, just barely, told a bit of what was to come. Sometimes I would record her reaction to what happened. It was the most I could have gotten out of these moments of the show that I already knew about.

Which is the main reason I am obsessed with peoples reactions to these moments. The most interesting part of watching these incredible, indelible sometimes, terrible others, and downright depressing a lot of the time, moments was the reaction I would see in the recliner in the living room. So, of course, I love to watch people react to the show.

I love watching people get their hopes up only to see them dashed. I love to hear the screams at surprising, horrifying, moments. I love to watch people cry if you haven’t read my other article on reaction videos.

Okay I’m not evil. I feel I should say that, but…

Everybody’s got a little Goeffrey or Ramsay in them.

It’s the eminent joy a lot of us get out of watching these reaction videos.

It’s why in the comments of reaction videos to the show you’ll see people call the reactor a “sweet summer child” when they have obviously been through a traumatic situation emotionally with the show.

Us Game of Thrones fans can be a weird bunch.


You should definitely watch the show. It’s so good.

Just let me get my camera.


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