Just A Random, Out There, Stupid, Theory

Have you ever had a dream so real you thought it was something you were experiencing in, like, an alternate reality or something?

Well, I had one of those types of dreams last night and I woke up into my actual being, weirdly I’m still not convinced that wasn’t real (something that’s happened before, so…), and somehow I interpreted it a weird way. For some reason I sat up and once I got over the terrible nightmare that it was I began thinking about a possible multiverse. What if…

What if at the end of our lives, god or not, there is an after life? But… at the end of the universes or whatever happens between multiple parallel, and not, universes our minds and personalities from any and all universes combine into one. Basically, the idea for me comes with the idea of god being real for some reason, but what if there is some sort of idea to all of it where once we get to the end where we go to “heaven” we become the perfect version of ourselves. How that would mean a combination of all our different selves from different universes I don’t know (because I could just see that turning out like some horrible nightmare as well), but I just randomly had the idea and felt the need to put it out there.

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