Breaking Bad, Some Filmmaking Theory, and Whether We Truly Know Anybody At All

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Spoilers, Sweety.


Breaking Bad is the greatest television show of all time. Not exactly the boldest of claims. Yet, it is true. There never was a TV show quite like Breaking Bad until it came around. For years our favorite shows were sitcoms, soap operas, or maybe a cop drama. There was a transition period of course. There was The Sopranos, Lost, The Wire, all fellow nominees for the greatest show of all time, but nothing compares to when Breaking Bad became popular on the small screen.

I have a biased opinion of course. Plus as I mentioned in the paragraph just above I’m definitely not alone in thinking so. For years though I have thought that so many opinions of Breaking Bad get something just a little off. There have been so many of them and I have read or watched as many as I can get a hold of.In fact a few of the best YouTube studies of the show are right here:

There is a lot that The Take channel and so many others have to say. I love the opinions that these people have, the theories that people come up with as to why Breaking Bad is what it is. But me…

For me there has never been a moment more influential on the show as the moment Walter let’s Jane die right in front of him. The moment is so potent in it’s emotional impact on so many people that have watched the show. Me, I’ve always seen it as the point you really should have stopped rooting for Walter White. The question then, of course, is this…

Did you?

Well of course not.

We all watched and rooted for Walt almost until the bitter end. Hell, some of us did root for him all the way to the bitter end. Why though?

Why would so many people watch a show about a man who becomes evil and root for him past the point we should have all stopped doing so? The moment we should have yelled at the screen “fuck that dude.”

Funnily enough there are even plenty of opinions about Breaking Bad out there on the internet that may seem to explain this. Many of them are even relevant. Yet, I can’t help but be the one to tell you that they all get just a little bit wrong. You see there is one thing that is true of all film and television that comes into play when it comes to why we all rooted for the character of Walter White past the point of no return.

Quite simply when you are watching a movie or a TV show (especially in the case of a TV show) you get to see the world through the eyes of the main character. I don’t say protagonist because as we all know not all main characters in film and television (especially nowadays) are a true protagonist. Now when you are looking at the world within a story through the eyes of the main character you tend to gravitate towards their viewpoint, at the least sympathize with their worldview (Joker aside, and even then there are… well…). Thus you feel you know the main character more than anybody else that may exist within the story of the movie or TV show.

Thus when we are watching a show like Breaking Bad we are willing to go along the journey with a character like Walter White even when we are watching him become one of the most vile human beings we can possibly imagine. Since we are seeing the world through his eyes and believe we know the character better than anybody else, sympathizing with what he goes through and why we think and are told he does what he does, we are willing to go along the entire journey with him. To the very bitter end.

This is part of why a show like Breaking Bad is so good. So great. The greatest show of all time.

There are plenty of other things that make the show as great as it is, but I think this is the missing link. The part you need to keep in mind when you go and take in all the great opinions and theories about Breaking Bad and Walter White. So go. Find all that you can that makes you understand why Breaking Bad is the greatest show of all time. All the while keep this idea in mind.

But remember. Always remember. There never was and never will be a show as great as the all time G.O.A.T. The masterpiece Breaking Bad.

Oh, and then watch El Camino and of course watch what has already aired of Better Call Saul before the final season comes out if you haven’t seen any of the Breaking Bad universe.


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