Story Time… The Night I Jason Voorhees Realized Who I Was

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Just a little short story of mine adapted from the films and something else very special to me.

I guess you’re wondering how I got here. Telling this story to you. It all started that night, the night of my revenge. The night I had been waiting for all those years in the water. Growing stronger and stronger I was ready to let loose on those who deserved it. Those god damn teens.

The only thing to complain about was these old rotten bones. I had become old in my time in the Crystal Lake. Strong, but old. Almost weary. Yet I had to answer mother’s call. I had to get my revenge. This had to happen.

The first kill was easy. Some stupid kid stood by a tree trying to piss. With a quick hard swing of the machete in my hand his head was off. The blood spurting from all those veins. It covered the tree, the bushes around it, even the smell of his stinking urine couldn’t cover up the smell of iron.

Next was about as simple. Foolish sexy teens making love in that creaky old dirty bed of in the cabin. The cabin reeked of sex, in fact they weren’t making love they were… they were fucking. Fucking disgusting. These selfish teens not paying attention to the kids they should be watching over this whole time.

Then it became troublesome. She was a fighter I’ll give her that. In fact she was so good I almost began to root for her. Locking all the god damn doors. Climbing out the window too small for me to get through. Climbing back into the house when I would go outside to catch her disgusting self.

It became so difficult with this stinking girl. She was making a monkey out of me. I almost felt I couldn’t do my preordained work under these conditions as the creaky bones rubbed bare against each other where my knee once was. But…

Mom said “kill, Jason, kill.”

So I must kill.

Soon enough the disgusting young stupid teen girl made a mistake. I rushed as fast as I possibly could. It felt almost like I was teleporting next to her. And then…

She was in my grasp. My hand around her throat. She tried to beg but nothing came out. I crushed her wind pipe as roughly as I could. Blood began to gurgle from her mouth. It was such a pleasing sound. That beautiful bloody gurgle.

She was dead. Like a rag doll I threw her against the wall of the cabin she had crawled out of. I was almost free. One final teen to go. That annoying sniveling blonde haired idiot in his tight leopard print swimsuit. Acting like a hammock for the the most precious of godly creations.


I mean that disgusting, horribly lengthy thing. No… God damn it. It was just that little prick was so annoying. I had to kill him last. It would be the pleasure of a lifetime. Or of my long awaited journey to finally rest.

I saw him run towards the one cabin I hadn’t broken down the door to yet. His muscular thighs glistening with sweat. Soon he would feel the sting of that sweat in the deep wound I would give to him before he begged for death.

He reached the cabin and quickly closed and locked the door. Slowly but surely I walked up to the front of the cabin ready to break that door down and have my revenge, but he was on the other side of the front window. He was…

He was dancing. Dancing as if he were sexy. It was infuriating. I became so enraged. Steaming. The little blood left in my veins was flowing every which way as quick as it could. He had gotten away with it for a little bit, but soon he would be mine.

I started breaking down the door with my machete. Bits and chunks of wood flew away until soon enough I could see him at the other end of the room in his tight leopard skin thong. That banana hammock of his. Suddenly… I froze.

I could no longer move. I couldn’t… I couldn’t accept what I was seeing. Which wasn’t even the last of it.

As I stood there frozen in place he began to dance again. He swayed from side to side swinging his arms in front of him. It was… it was, well, sexy. This was a peep show I had never wanted anything to do with, yet… there I stood. Frozen as the teen did his sexy, seductive, dance.

I… I started to like it. I couldn’t help it. He was so tantalizing. At this distance I simply wanted him closer, and, almost as if he knew, he began moving his way towards the door. Dancing all the way up to the whole in the wood.

He opened it. He… he wanted to give me a better view. He was getting bold. Even bolder than before.

He got closer. Then closer and… even closer.

He… he began to touch me.

I couldn’t resist it. I liked it. I loved it.

He was humiliating me as I stood there frozen in place and I loved it.

I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore after that evening. I don’t know what happened to me. There was no reason that disgusting teen should have been able to seduce me. I don’t even like men that young.

I guess… I guess I just have to move on. To stumble through the rest of my life knowing I’ll never forget that night with Chad.

I… I…

. . . . .

“Jason, honey what are you doing?”

“Shit, I mean, nothing Blake.”

Just checking out this new video on YouTube.

. . . . .

I have to leave, I’ll finish writing this journal later, but I’ll never forget that night.


Watch for a about 15 minutes for all of it.

Shoutout to the crews of @OutsideXbox and @outsidextra crews.



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