The Greatest Physically Comedic Actor You Probably Never Knew

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I’ve told the story of the first time I ever watched the television show Doctor Who a while ago. It was such a weird experience for me because I was watching the SyFy channel (named differently at the time) and it made no sense that I saw this character flying in the air like it was magic. There was something I was watching earlier on before that came on though.

The show?


In a weird bit of luck I caught one of my favorite shows of all time on it’s premiere night. I actually saw the pilot episode. It was so enjoyable for me and I’ll never forget that soap opera feel with that sci-fi edge to it all. But… that was the last I saw of the show for a good five years.

For some reason I never watched Eureka again until it was 2011.

Makes no sense, right? I mean if that is the case how can it be one of my favorite shows of all time?

Well, back then I was playing football, going to high school, etc. and I just tended to be busy. Due to me not being able to handle that workload at the time due to my own, somewhat, laziness I had all the time in the world in late 2011 to watch a show from beginning until the end of the show aired in summer 2012.

Which isn’t why you’re here is it?

You’re here to see who the greatest physically comedic actor you’ve never heard of is. His greatest role? Well Eureka of course. He was the main character and the actor?

Well his name is Colin Furgeson. You might of seen him in those one washer and dryer ads on TV, or the one where he plays the role of a dishwasher, an oven, and, yes, even a fridge if I remember correctly. But that’s not where his talent for physical comedy shined.

His abilities shined of course in his starring role as Jack Carter in Eureka. He just had this knack for little movements here or there that would make you crack up. Sorta like this…

Or this…

Simply put Colin Furgeson, or, as a few people like to call him, Carter was one of the funniest actors and characters on TV. Technically he was supposed to be playing the straight man a lot of the time. In fact the whole point of the show in a way was supposed to show this dysfunctional yet normal people in a world of smart weirdos.

And yet… Colin Furgeson stole the show and my heart.

Love you Jack.

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