The Schizo Affect… A Title

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So I just rolled out of bed a second ago trying to think of the next thing that I would blog about when I remembered a small little detail I remember reading about schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. One of the two, at least in my mind.

You see one of the weirder symptoms I have to deal with as someone dealing with schizoaffective disorder is something I’ve come to understand is called a false memory. This is where I have a delusion along with some sort of hallucinatory vision of a memory from my past (seemingly) that is not in fact real. It seems to be some sort of amalgamation of different things going on in my head both from other symptoms I have and am dealing with and past memories that are real.

I say ALL THAT to show the simple fact that I’m not sure of what I remember about this little detail I am blogging about right here.

From what I “remember” reading it was a little fact that it is offensive to call someone schizo. Using the shortened schizo or calling someone a schizophrenic was along the lines of calling someone who has cancer a cancerite. Which would be offensive as all get out. So I came here to point out the title of my blog is a mere aesthetic choice. Something that looks good and rolls off the tongue easily.

In fact I think it is a pretty good title, a great title, a title that will once be heard around the world and feared… no, wait… thats Lord Voldemort and sounds delusional. Sorry I got caught up in the moment and it sounded kinda cool.

Anyway, just want to let you know why this is the title of my blog and for those of you who may not know that it may and can be seen as offensive to call someone a schizophrenic or refer to them as schizo.


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  1. I find it very odd that some people will get worked up about the words that people with mental illness use in relation to themselves. Schizophrenic is just an adjective; if people find that stigmatizing, that’s because there’s stigma attached to schizophrenia, not because the English language has stopped behaving in its usual manner.

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