The Most Important Video Game… Also I’ve Never Played It

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My first introduction to this amazing game (once again one that I’ve never played) came through this let’s play:

At first I saw the link on YouTube and didn’t think much of it. I have been so used to playing AAA games all my life that this almost looked stupid to me. Yet, it was Luke from Outside Xtra, so I had to watch it. The more it went along and the more I figured out about the game I fell in love.

I started looking up more let’s plays.

Soon, I was down another YouTube rabbit hole and this one was going to last a while.

What seemed so incredible about the game was this emotional “journey” that the players went on while going along in the game with their partner from somewhere else in the world. The idea was so simple, yet so revolutionary in my mind. The idea of this type of gameplay mechanic and this type of interaction with another individual somewhere else in the world was, once again, incredible to me. So elegant and powerful a way to get people to bond with someone they had never met and likely never were going to meet.

Which makes me wonder could this type of gameplay be used to bond people across nations, genders, races, sexes, etc.? Because it seems like the perfect type of gameplay mechanic to cause a sense of connection, possibly empathy and understanding, between individuals who if they saw each other or knew each other’s opinions on the world might dislike or hate one another.

Just a kind of question I have.

Maybe it’ll never be answered. Or… maybe it’ll drive me or somebody else to create the amazing game that heals the world.

Even if that’s extremely optomistic.


Journey: Collector’s Edition [PlayStation 4, PS4]

All proceeds will be donated to my fund for keeping Tom Brady’s hair on top of his head (😜).


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