An Open Letter To A Filmmaker Who Is Never Going To Receive It

Dear Martin Scorsese,

Martin Scorsese Collection (After Hours/Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore/Goodfellas/Mean Streets/Who’s That Knocking At My Door?)

For a while now, probably since about 2014, I have been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Just wait a god damn minute. I swear this is going somewhere interesting.

To be very honest (if you didn’t notice by the time I have said I got interested in the MCU) I haven’t always been a fan. In fact I thought it was stupid comic book trash for quite a while. Which is ironic because I still did like to watch the Batman movies made by Christopher Nolan. Yet none the less I had a distaste for anything Marvel related because I viewed it through the lens of comic books which I never had any interest in at the time.

Yes, my opinion may have been even more drastic than many view your own.

I have come around though. Obviously.

So, for a bit of a shorter period of time I like many others have been frustrated with the way you view the MCU and other likewise stories of comic book lore. Personally what frustrates me more than that is the lack of acknowledgement of where these types of blockbuster films come from. What I mean to say is that without fellow filmmaker and friend of yours Steven Spielberg we would not be in the place we are today with movies like we have now.

That is not to blame Steven Spielberg for some sort of downfall of cinema, but simply put without Jaws and other films like it we would not be in the position we are today with what films have become in the public or company eye. In fact, to say these films have brought about some downfall of cinema (my words not yours) is kind of missing a point I view to be there in all of this.

Marvel movies, at the least, are in fact the best outcome of the world that exists given Jaws and other blockbuster films like it having come out. With movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park, etc. larger amounts of money are being spent to make films and either made or lost when films come out into “theaters,” as you know. So actually the Marvel films specifically are a god send compared to the “trash” that may come out sometimes into cinemas.

Which, in a lazily formatted open letter, brings me about to what I’ve hoped for in the last couple years. Something impossible seeming to me.

I would like to find a way to get you to enjoy these movies if you do not, and…

I would like to point out that there are possibilities inside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for stories as poignant, beautiful, ugly, amazing, terrifying, and sublime as films like yours and many others. (Which is not to say there shouldn’t be other films besides these, I think we can all agree that even if the world has come to a place where Marvel is the best of a certain type of film there needs to be room for all the amazing other types of stories, genres… films that are made outside the MCU and superhero franchise storytelling).

But, I’m a part of the non-spoiler gang out here in the streets of the world so you’ll have to watch a couple things to figure it out. Not much given how much you have watched over the course of your life, but a couple things I assume you may not want to watch.

To be specific I’m asking you (in a letter you’ll never receive) to watch first The Avengers film ( the first Avengers film) then Loki. If you enjoy it I would suggest going a back and watching much more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for now just those two things.

In my opinion Loki is where all the potential for what the MCU can become is. There, once again in my opinion, is great storytelling, amazing character beats, and sublime performances. And…

When you reach the end I think there is a performance, a conversation, a sequence that shows how much potential the MCU has in terms of filmmaking. Great filmmaking. Filmmaking such as hasn’t been done (apparently) according to you in the world of superhero filmmaking. A place even you could join in (lol’s, I’m just joking you’d never do that).

All I can promise is the potential for what can be done when it comes to superhero filmmaking in the MCU. Nothing more, nothing less. Potential I know is there and potential ground that I believe has already been tread upon in previous Marvel films, by previous filmmakers who have been a part of the Marvel world.

Here’s hoping this gets to you even though it’ll never be read and potential that’ll never be seen.


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