Life, Death, and Meaning… A Title I’m Stealing

I had no idea how else to start this post other than giving you the video that inspired it. You should watch. Forewarning, there are spoilers involved. So maybe watch the movie first.

I watch that video and I think of… well, a lot of things.

I mean how could you not with a title like Life, Death, and Meaning?

So, where to start? Where to start? How about…

Stardust. Which brings me to the first area I bring up something else I’ve written:

The reason I bring up another post of mine about nature if you haven’t read it is the idea that anything in the universe is natural. Of course, we are natural. We come from the universe. All the elements in the human body come from a sun going supernova.

Nothing comes from nothing in the universe and we are no exception. As you just read a second ago we come from a sun going supernova. We come from stardust. Which means…

We are a part of the universe. Now obviously you should know we are a part of the universe. Hell, if you’re a narcissist you believe you’re the damn center of it. No, what I’m trying to get at is that we are the universe experiencing itself.

You see. we are just like all matter in the universe except we have the ability to experience, to think, feel, touch, love, hate, perceive, etc. Unlike so much in the universe we have that ability. Hell, if you want you can sort of think of the universe itself as God.

Which brings me to the next thing I’ve written already that I want you to think about in this context:

Why do I bring up this part? Because I believe our purpose here is to further ourselves and the universe as a whole. Ourselves we have to further as human beings to hopefully reach out into the universe. Maybe meet and get along with other life in the universe. With the further reach of maybe even leaving the far reaches of the universe into other dimensions, other realities, other universes.

That sounds like a lot. It is a lot. It is reaching for… a lot. But why not? Why not reach for the stars metaphorically (and I guess literally, although don’t get to close).

This is not to say we do not take care of our issues on Earth first. I’ve had to come to that realization. We cannot just reach for the stars both metaphorically and literally without making ourselves as great as we can be in all the ways we know we should before leaving the reaches of Earth, Mars, the solar system, or even the galaxy. But don’t settle. There is so much out there for us.

And understand. You can have an impact on this. You do have an impact on this. You may not realize it but helping your fellow brother or sister, your neighbor, the person you hate, or the world we live in, doesn’t happen in just large gestures. Yes your large gestures can help, but we live eternally through the things we do in our life and how we influence the future.

The future of all humanity. Maybe, of all those in the universe.

Try and make sure you’re impact is a positive one.

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