The Best Scene a British Actor Was Ever Robbed Of

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I can be a bit of strange being when it comes to what I watch on TV. If you are anything like me, and many of you are, it is hard to keep up with all the different great shows there are to watch out there. Yet, I tend to make it even harder on myself with only trying to keep up with the”greatest” of all the television shows. Which becomes a bit stupid when some of my favorite shows of all time could be considered somewhat schlocky.

For example one of my favorite shows of all time is a show that aired on the Syfy network before the name of the channel even changed to Syfy called Eureka. My god did I love the show. I remember I watched the pilot as it aired in 2006 and was really into it. I remember I went into the other room to tell my parents and sister what I had watched and something was on TV that they were watching that they wanted me to sit down with them and watch.

I did. It wasn’t very interesting, or at least I assume so, because I don’t remember what it was, but when it was over I went into the room I had watched Eureka in, the TV still on, and there was this spiky haired dude flying towards another on screen. Boy did I think that was weird because it was apparently a sci-fi show but this dude was flying with like blue colors around him and what not. Turns out that show was Doctor Who.

At the time that I saw the end of that episode of Doctor Who on the Syfy channel I would never have known that a years later I would fall in love with the show.

Which, in an odd sort of way, brings me to Mark Williams. “Mark William,” you ask. Well, you likely know him as Arthur Weasley or Ron Weasley’s dad. It sure is the main way I know Mark Williams. In fact I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him in anything besides the series of Harry Potter films, and, Doctor Who.

Yet here I am talking about a scene I feel Mark William’s was robbed of. That’s the very point of the title I have to this post, you see.

Mark William’s played Rory William’s father Brian during the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who. A small role, but a nice surprise when you haven’t seen Arthur Weasley in a while and you kind of miss seeing him.


The thing is there was one scene (or minisode) that was never shot which would have starred Mark Williams and I believe it would’ve been the scene of his career. You see (SPOILER’S AHEAD) in season seven of Doctor Who not only do we get to see Rory’s father Brian (Mark William’s) for the first time. We see the last of Amy Pond and Rory Williams on the show at the end of episode five.

If you have never seen doctor who (and you don’t care about spoilers) the fifth episode of Doctor Who is named The Angel’s Take Manhattan. It has to do with a very creepy villainous group of beings in the show (it’s complicated) that turn to stone when you can see them and, when you aren’t looking, can move nearly instantaneously in any direction. Furthermore if they touch you, and likely they will, the send you into the past. It can’t be known how far they will send you into the past but they will.

Towards the end of that fifth episode of season seven Both Rory and Amy get touched by the same weeping angel and thus go back in time. It’s much more complicated than that, but they are stuck in the past in Manhattan and the Doctor can’t go back to find them. Yet, if like me you don’t watch the minisodes generally there is no closure to Rory and Amy’s family life and Rory’s father Brian.

If you watch the minisodes though, and I finally did a few years after seeing the episode The Angel’s Take Manhattan. You get to see this:

Now, I don’t know about you, But… After that very first little speech by Brian Williams and just based on the emotional nature of the scene that would have followed which is shown in storyboard format I think Mark William’s would have killed it in that scene. It would have been something they play at the end of Mark Williams career at some awards show if they award him. Which I hope they do award Mark Williams.

If not, well, I am a screenwriter (technically aspiring) and if I make it in the industry hopefully I make it in some way, shape, or form that allows me to meet Mark Williams someday. Whether that be through working with him on a project and giving him the scene he deserves to have to play as the last thing in his reel at that awards show or whether it simply be some phone call, or chance meeting. Hell, if you see this and you see Mark Williams someday tell him for me that he deserves a scene that makes up for the one he missed out on filming. Because in so many ways I want to say “R.I.P” to the moment I get to see on youtube or TV where Mark Williams is recognized for the great work he does and that clip comes up on screen.

Here’s to you Mr. Weasley… I mean, Mark Williams. Hopefully one day you get the heartbreakingly amazing scene that you deserve as an actor (which is assuming a lot because I haven’t seen a lot of his work) that we all missed out on when it comes to the great minisode P.S.


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