Death, Judgment Day, and God, Just a Little Bit of A Big Idea

So I don’t believe in god really. I’m agnostic. Yet I tend to have some fears about if god is real because I grew up in a, still, Christian family and a couple other things that I’ll get into later. Right now I just want to get an idea out of my head that I have had for a while.

Basically, since I’m agnostic, I tend to think that logically it makes sense that there is nothing after we die. Since I have the fears of if god is real and I grew up Christian and was taught a lot about the Bible though I remember the idea of judgment day.

I’m writing this off the top of my head without doing any research so I kind of remember something about god raising the dead at the time of judgement day, but I’m not exactly sure about all the tiny little details that are in the Bible. What I’m getting at is what if both the idea of there being nothing there when you die and the idea of god being real is correct.

Basically the idea would be that when you die you die and nothing happens. Yet maybe… things like going towards a light and other near death experience examples are something that is actually happening, but in the future long after all of us are dead. So, when you die, if you believe there is nothing after we die, then you would believe that you no longer feel anything, experience anything, touch, hear, think, etc. This may be completely true but also after that period of nothingness for all of us we then reawaken on judgement day along with everybody else.

I should probably have done some research about all of this. Hell a quick look at one of the old bibles laying around the house here would suffice, but I just wanted to get out a quick post about an idea that has been rolling around in my head for quite a few years.

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