Nature Pt. 1… Just a Thought

So this isn’t anything I’ve done research on. This should be short and sweet. Just an idea of mine. So… Nature? Or, Natural. What I mean is what is natural?

In my opinion everything in the universe is natural. I think I know what people mean when they say something is natural or unnatural. Technically it is an assumption. Yet, from my perspective how can anything in the universe be unnatural.

Basically this comes from the idea that everything in the universe comes from something in it. There is no outside element, or matter that is getting in from what I understand. From the knowledge I think I have. So how on earth can there be anything in the universe, let alone the earth, be unnatural.

The idea came to me on an acid trip something like eight or nine years ago. I was thinking about the acid itself and how people I knew looked at it like acid was so much more dangerous than mushrooms because mushrooms are natural, they come from the ground. Which I then thought about and was like “dude, everything in the universe is natural, everything comes from somewhere.” Which would mean that acid is natural. In fact it would make everything we create in this world natural.

Buildings, technology, brick, mortar, lead pipes, etc.

Then just this morning I was having a discussion with my dad about something he had watched the other day on TV. He was talking about Monarchs and Flamingos, their flight patterns, the fact they start out in Mexico (at least some of them from my understanding of what he said). Half the time I was barely paying attention. Not because what he was talking about was boring, but because I was thinking about the fact I never watch shows about our nature. I was just sitting there thinking life is fucking amazing. Which…

Well, that lead me right back to what I think about everything in the universe being natural because all the things in the universe come from the elements and matter of the universe. Which made me think about evolution and human beings and whether we evolve faster than other animals (I might get to that at some point in this blog, but not here).

I thought about the circle of life (god I’m just like my mom. I literally type it out on this page and can’t help but start singing the song in my head). How death is a part of life. Animals eat each other all the time. So, and this could be a reach, but it fits what I believe in, I thought how is abortion unnatural.

Basically my point is we are a part of nature. Not separate from it. So how can anything we do be unnatural. Even if we’ve evolved past what other species are capable of in their thinking capacity and what not we are in fact still a part of nature. Meaning everything we are a part of is natural. Everything we do is natural. Now whether it is a slippery slope to go down the road of talking about it like this I have no idea morally speaking. For that matter in many other regards in all likelihood.

Also… I’ll get into this idea later because it interests me, but we are the universe experiencing itself. Far smarter people than me have talked about this. Yet I do think I may have some interesting ideas that come from that.

Anyway, hopefully that all makes some sort of sense. It does to me. Yet, of course, that’s all my thoughts with a all the knowledge I do have and all the knowledge I lack.


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