The Gist of Me

I’m an amalgamation. Simple right. I mean it’s not simple being an amalgamation of so many different things, but you get the gist.

So what is my make up? I mean you know one part already if you’re here reading this blog post. But where to start? I could tell you I hail from the great (I’m a football fan so I do still consider it great, it’s complicated) state of Nebraska. I was born in the capitol city of Lincoln and raised there for ten years until I moved to Windsor, Colorado. I could tell you that even though I’ve never gone through an ancestry site to figure out what I’m made up of in the far reaches of history that I have a lot of German in me apparently. Also a tiny, tiny amount of Native American (dude it’s such a small amount I used to call myself a redskin because when I get sunburned my skin stays red forever, which I thought was funny). Yet…

When it comes to calling myself an amalgamation (something I’m sure you can say of yourself) I’m thinking of so much more than where I’m from and what my ancestry is. I’m thinking of the books I’ve read, the things I’ve seen, all I’ve learned (I’ll get into that later), experienced, left behind, called my own, etc.

I think of myself as so many things and yet I have this feeling that if I tell someone that I’m schizoaffective then that’s what I’m going to be known as. Hell, depending on the person it may not even be that it may just be “that crazy guy.”

Sometimes It Can Be Tough

Boy we’ve had a week haven’t we folks. Somehow some way our Cornhuskers pulled another defeat out of the jaws of victory and we were excited after it. Normally we, or at least I, would be pessimistic about all of this. Yet, the Nebraska Cornhusker football team still has a chance at some interesting things

LeBron James… The Never Ending Story

Did I have to post that? Maybe, maybe not. But… that is the story of LeBron James career. Okay so in the first season LeBron was this kind of dirty cop right, but with a good heart. He’s got to search for this kid see, but the kid is dead, or is he? Then we

Eureka! Proof There Is Still Hope On The Internet

I’m a bit nervous. Hell, I think you should be too. “Why?” You might ask. Well because of what I am about to put into the internet’s hands. You know the internet just as well as I do. It can be a hellish landscape to traverse. And, pretty soon, you, me, and everybody’s mom is

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