Why I Am A Nebraska Cornhusker Fan For Life

Nebraska Cornhuskers

If you couldn’t tell by the fact I make TikTok videos out of old husker highlights I’m a Nebraska boy born and raised. Well, I’m 30 years old now. A man. Or, a man-child. Whatever you want to call me you can, but I live in Bloomington, Illinois. I moved here from Windsor, Colorado. I’ve

Still Not Found

Still remember trying to make some sort of allegory for relations between men and women with this back in 2016. I don’t really know about it anymore. You know the feeling, especially about film school work.


Second short film I wrote and helped direct at film school. I think it was okay.

Ab Imo Pectore, Amor

First thing I ever wrote and directed in film school years ago. My huge memory is saying “in the throws of passion” by accident in the script and I still can’t remember the right use of throws at the moment.

Someone’s Got to Make That Authority Movie!

50% of all donations to the blog will go to the Schizophrenia & Psychosis Action Alliance. If you don’t know what Authority is it is the second book in the Southern Reach trilogy. If you don’t know it is a fantastic book. In my opinion that is. Someone needs to find a way to adapt


I don’t remember why I named this Anima. Shared it with some gas station clerk in Nebraska one time if he wanted it. He never got back to me so I don’t know if this has been made already or not by somebody. I assume it hasn’t. Anyway, here it is if anybody wants to

What Movies Should We Actually Remake?

I’m a screenwriter at heart… No that isn’t exactly true. Hmmmm? I’m a screenwriter by choice? Still doesn’t sound like the complete truth even if correct, but it doesn’t truly matter in this instance. What does matter is that I am a screenwriter. Technically aspiring. Which means I have ideas for and about movies a

A Non-Believer Believer

I said in a previous post that I grew up in a Christian family. So the process of my leaving the faith was, well, hard. What is also true given my mental illness and the way it came about is that I am still quite scared that god may be real. Which, logically, to me,

Nature Pt. 1… Just a Thought

So this isn’t anything I’ve done research on. This should be short and sweet. Just an idea of mine. So… Nature? Or, Natural. What I mean is what is natural? In my opinion everything in the universe is natural. I think I know what people mean when they say something is natural or unnatural. Technically

The Gist of Me

I’m an amalgamation. Simple right. I mean it’s not simple being an amalgamation of so many different things, but you get the gist. So what is my make up? I mean you know one part already if you’re here reading this blog post. But where to start? I could tell you I hail from the